Building a Community Beyond Sizzle


Great organization brands are anchored in the connections people feel to a vision that is meaningful to them. Their engagement with a collective purpose creates levels of performance that cannot be forged by surface-level attempts to motivate people.

A confluence of forces is fueling the awakening of leaders to the potential of organizations to reach new levels of prosperity by becoming places where employees are more engaged, excited, and productive because they feel that what they do has an impact beyond the moment, the year, or even their lifetimes.

Today I am re-launching with a renewed focus on building a community of people who, like me, believe in our power as leaders, employees and organizations to create the future we envision.

I readily admit my sixties-child soul motivated my search for the answers that have given voice to my life’s mission of igniting the power of purpose to move business-as-is to business as-it-can-be.  But this is not about promoting spin or some philosophical, starry-eyed kind of vision, nor is it about bolted-on commitment. Rather, the purpose of this website is to become a catalyst that advances the management philosophy that the most prosperous organizations rally people around a shared, authentic purpose. What I define as “purpose backed by performance.”

I believe purpose matters. It feeds the soul and replenishes our energy. Purpose lived through actions anchors us, connects us, motivates us, and ultimately defines us. Life fueled by the search for our own personal why is the very definition of the human spirit. Today, we all seem to be searching more than ever for human connections that support our life’s journey. The illusory promises offered by technology, in a strange way, have done just the opposite. Tweets aren’t conversation, and Facebook “likes” don’t define relationships. This vacuum created by these promises has been intensified by the speed of change, which has spun us into thousands of disconnected pieces and parts, often leaving us wondering where we belong, and if anything we do really matters.

I believe organizations can become places where people matter. Where their ideas are nurtured and where they can live their values, grow, and thrive. They can become environments where people feel excited and engaged in being a part of producing innovations that make their communities and the world better.

My goal is to continue to elevate this conversion, by moving it beyond talk to action. Success promises to build engaged employees and positive energy that radiates beyond the walls of the company to attract and retain the trust and loyalty of customers, donors, or investors.

Possible or the pipe dream of a ‘60s child? Let’s find out, together.

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