Mona Amodeo. Ph.D.
Transforming organizations into brands that matter to customers, employees, and the world.

Beyond Sizzle: The Next Evolution of Branding is about how branding can be used to shift business, "as is" to business as it "can be.” 

Synopsis: Now is the time for organizations of all sizes to seize the opportunity to become brands that matter. 

A confluence of forces is fueling the awakening of leaders to the potential of organizations to reach new levels of prosperity by becoming places where employees are more engaged, excited and productive become they feel that what they do has an impact beyond the moment, the year or even their lifetimes. They matter.

In this forward thinking book, Mona Amodeo provides readers with a workable framework they can use to transform their organizations into brands that matter to customers, employees and the world. These organizations are redefining workplaces, reimagining customer experiences and creating  innovative products and services that are building healthier, more sustainable communities and in turn a better world for us all. 

Who should read it: This book was written for those responsible for building, changing or maintaining positive brand reputations in their organizations. It challenges leaders to reach Beyond Sizzle usually associated with branding efforts by unleashing the power of purpose and people to build brands that matter in an increasingly skeptical and hyper connected world. 

If you are responsible for leading branding, advertising, marketing, customer experience or public relations efforts in your organizations and are  looking for a practical guide to engage your organization’s most important resource--people, to build its most valuable asset--reputation,   this book is for you. Those in academics will also find this book useful in their classrooms as a practical application of leading organization theories.

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