Mona Amodeo. Ph.D.

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Working with Mona was a great experience.
She took time to customize the message for
her session, based on our specific needs. Mona
was able to mix fun with inspiring and applicable
leadership messages for our group to learn from.
— Rachael Gillette. Director of Training and Development, Studer Community Institute
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Dr. Amodeo is an accomplished author, keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and subject-matter expert on the role of engagement, authenticity and leadership in organizational branding. She challenges traditional views to provoke and inspire new perspectives about next-level business success. Dr. Amodeo works as an advisor to leaders across all business sectors, helping them to engage their vast community of stakeholders in building and sustaining brands that have value to customers, employees and the world.


Philosophical Approaches:

  • The shifting role of organizations in society

  • The connection between identity and successful culture change in organizations

  • The power of positive dialogue in engaging employees

  • The emergence of the new breed of organization

  • Leading tomorrow’s leaders

Practical Approaches:

  • Employee motivation: unleashing the human capacity for greatness

  • Translating good intentions into action

  • Corporate responsibility beyond philanthropy


Dr. Amodeo’s knowledge of topics relating to organizational branding’s impact on perception and performance reaches beyond conventional delivery methods into more highly interactive, engaging and meaningful formats. Each topic area can be con gured to meet the needs of organizers’ goals and objectives, and to overcome logistical challenges. All topics focus on positive change frameworks and processes that translate the underlying principles of “brands that matter” into action.


Keynote Addresses & Speeches

Topics can be configured into keynote addresses of varying length, from 20 minutes to 60 minutes.



Organization-wide or Conference Workshops

Topics will engage a cross-section—or entire teams— of organization members—or conference attendees— in building and sustaining a culture of high performing teams and processes, with actionable plans, metrics and accountability structures built into the sessions.



Leadership-focused, Facilitated Summits, Charrettes & Symposiums

Topics will engage teams in highly interactive sessions that inspire and teach leadership how to build high performing organizations.


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