Mona Amodeo. Ph.D.

Speaking & Workshops

“Mona has become a “crowd favorite” at the University of West Florida’s Center for Entrepreneurship. She is always ready and willing to share her time and expertise with the students. Whether opening minds through the Idea Space Speaker Series, guest lecturing a class, or serving as a judge for pitch competitions, she is always interesting and receives high ratings from the students.”

— Jim Sparks, University of West Florida, Center for Entrepreneurship



1. Branding from the Core®: Reaching Beyond Sizzle

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What makes some brands so irresistible, and other brands fall at? This speech explores the allure of some of the most beloved brands in the world, and introduces the philosophy behind Branding from the Core, a strategic management approach that helps leaders transform organizations into brands that matter to customers, employees and the world.

What you will learn:

  • Foundational management principles of Branding from the Core

  • Steps to redefining your organization as a brand that matters

  • Employee engagement methods that ensure alignment of purpose, performance and


  • Building authenticity and trust by engaging stakeholders in shaping, sharing and living your organization’s unique story

2. From Birkenstocks to the Boardroom: The Business of Purpose

What can leaders learn from a group of hippies that rede ned business? Today’s customers and employees want to do business with—and work for—organizations that embrace purpose beyond pro ts. This presentation introduces ideas about how commitment to values, social change, and environmental sustainability can translate to triple-bottom line success.

What you will learn:

  • The growth of cultural creatives and how they are rede ning business

  • Innovation and the adoption curve—from the fringes to the mainstream

  • The importance of authenticity—why you can’t fake this

  • Build trusted reputations by aligning purpose, performance and perception

3. In Search of Meaning: Attracting Top Talent and Loyal Customers

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A confluence of forces is fueling an awakening in leaders. Businesses are quickly realizing that mission statements and mottos are not enough, and that creating workplaces where employees truly feel engaged, excited and productive can yield substantial results for recruitment and retention of top talent. This presentation introduces the secrets to connecting employees to purpose to achieve new levels of prosperity. Dr. Amodeo challenges traditional views to explore the reasons for the growing importance of purpose and values in organizations, and how leaders can build brand loyal communities of customers and employees who feel that what they do has an impact beyond the moment, the year, or even their lifetimes. They matter.

What you will learn:

  • Why it’s critical to see your culture as the operating system of your organization

  • The power of We—how to move from individual to collective purpose

  • How leaders can engage stakeholders to build a culture of purpose backed by performance

4. How to Build ‘Yes We Can!’ Cultures

Operating from a perspective of negativity, scarcity, threat and blame generates cultures of “I can’t,” “not my problem,” and disengaged attitudes and behaviors. All of which dramatically stunts growth, impedes innovation, and cripples engagement and performance. In this presentation, Mona will share how leaders can use the principles of Appreciative Inquiry to refocus and unleash the positive potential of people to propel your organization to new heights of performance, engagement, and prosperity.

What you will learn:

  • The foundational philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry

  • The 4D cycle of Appreciative Inquiry

  • How to apply the 4D cycle to engage people in finding solutions to any challenge


Recent Appearances Include:

  • 2018 Entrecon (Pensacola, FL) - Conference

  • 2018 Alliance of Women Trial Lawyers (New Orleans, LA) - Conference

  • US Green Building Council

  • Louisiana Travel Promotion Association

  • American Advertising Federation (AAF)

  • Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

  • Center for Values Driven Leadership

  • Sustainable Brands

  • Center for Entrepreneurship, University of West Florida

  • Florida Public Relations Association - Pensacola Chapter

  • Harvard University Executive Education for Sustainable Leadership

  • Benedictine University Center for Values Driven Leadership