Engaging People.

Igniting Ideas.

Facilitating Action.


Mona Amodeo, Ph.D. is a change management and organization development expert.


What I Do

It's all about people. Engaging them, exciting them and challenging them to bring their ideas and passions forward is where real success in organizations begins. No matter what kind of success you are currently achieving, you can get better by engaging the people in your organization to figure out what needs to be changed.

My stakeholder engagement approach to change management is grounded in research and informed by over two decades of working with clients of all sizes, both pubic and private. Through this process, your organization can build connections with the people who ultimately define your success—employees and customers.

I have developed three principals foundational to the work I do:

  1. You can’t read the label when you are inside the bottle.
    Sometimes it helps to have someone outside the organization ask new questions or offer different perspectives that uncover what organizational members simply can’t see.
  2. The answers are in the room.
    Organizations often seek answers from experts, pundits, or from a small internal leadership team. But the best answers are often found in places you would not ordinarily look. By engaging people at all levels of the business, we are able to ignite ideas that may surprise you.
  3. Trust the Process. 
    We don’t tell you what to do or where you should be. We do create customized processes that channel the energy of people to achieve results.





Consulting. Facilitating. Coaching. Speaking.

Discover how I can help move your organization from point A to point B,
guided by insights from your leaders, employees and customers along the way.

Change Management

Organizations change for three primary reasons: Crisis, Evolution and Anticipation. Creating a culture of continuous innovation where change is embedded in the DNA is a business imperative.


Strategic Planning

Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you going you might end up someplace else.” My stakeholder engagement approach to strategic planning creates a blueprint that is alive, actionable and attainable.

Whole Systems Branding

Successful organizations are able to strategically align brand perception and performance by managing the interaction of identity, image and culture. 


Stakeholder Engagement

The answers are in the room. By engaging people at all levels of the business we are able to ignite ideas that might surprise you. 


Speaking Engagements


Do you need a motivational speaker to inspire your team to generate meaningful organizational transformation?

When Mona speaks, change happens. Delivering consistent relevant insights that inform and challenge listeners to action, Mona has had the honor to speak before many local, regional and national audiences, including:



Subject Areas 

  • Branding & Identity
  • Cultures & Sustainability
  • Innovation in Organization
  • Managing Organization Development

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