Mona Amodeo. Ph.D.


I believe the answers to even the most challenging questions facing organizations are found "in the room." Innovation begins by unleashing the spirt of your stakeholders in figuring out what needs to change to propel your organization forward. My focus and passion is helping leaders ignite this spirt of possibility in their organizations based on philosophies and approaches to stakeholder engagement that are grounded in my research and over two decades of working with organizations of all sizes, both pubic and private. The result is forging connections with people who ultimately define the success of all organizations—employees and customers. Learn more in my book: 

Beyond Sizzle: The Next Evolution of Branding




Do you need a  speaker to inspire your team to generate meaningful organizational transformation? When Mona speaks, change happens. Delivering consistent relevant insights that inform and challenge listeners to action. Her expert subject areas include:

Branding from the Core
Culture Change
Corporate Responsibility
Stakeholder Engagement 


About Me

As the founder and president of idgroup, I work with leaders to move business-as-is to business -as-it-can by transforming their organizations into brands that reach beyond short-term returns. My goal is to bring order to the often chaotic efforts of shaping, managing and maintaining an organization’s most valuable asset, its reputation.

My mission is to use much maligned practice of branding to elevate organizations as brands that matter to customers, employees and the world. I do this though a strengths-based stakeholder engagement process that I developed through my research and my relationships with some of the brightest minds in organization development.

This process—aptly named Branding from the Core—is a multidisciplinary approach that builds reputations by engaging stakeholders in shaping, sharing and living brand stories that emanate from the core values, beliefs and purpose of the organization. What I define in my book as branding that reaches Beyond Sizzle.

About idgroup

idgroup is a brand transformation firm with a fundamentally different approach to branding.

Our brand transformation consultants, specialists and design teams work with leaders to empower organizations of all sizes to make a bigger difference. Since 1989, we’ve helped leaders tear themselves away from routine thinking; embrace and leverage change as an engine for reinvention and innovation; engage their stakeholders to uncover fresh, new perspectives; tell and live a vivid brand story; and as a result, achieve brand clarity and elevate their brand’s value and reputation.

We believe in helping CEOs and CMOs create brands that matter because they matter to people. We’re working to change the world for the better, one brand at a time. Our clients operate in many industries, with an emphasis on emerging growth, second stage, and scale-up companies. 

The very hands-on nature of our process requires our team’s complete dedication and focus to your brand. As a result, idgroup only takes on a limited number of engagements a year. Are you ready to be the brand you’re meant to be?



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